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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Autumn in Korea-part2

Korea-Fashion Style:
I love Korean fashion style. I saw light colors everywhere.
I got a chance to see Sinchon & Dongdaemun which I think the fashionable places in Seoul.
Since I was there in Autumn, I saw beautiful winter clothes. Most of the colors were pink, off-white, light green & black. Their style is chic! Even staffs in Incheon airport also have their hair accessories in baby blue with simple style (I love the hair accessories).

 Fashion styles @ Sinchon, Dongdaemun & Nami Island

Day 3: Everland, Gyongbok & Sinchon.
Super tight schedule!
Early morning we headed to Everland. That place is just look alike Disneyland only in korean characters (Two thumbs up for Korean Corporate. you can make Everland!!).
We really enjoy everland, the cable car, the beauty of the park, the beautiful parade =), last but not least we can took pictures with Gu Jun Pyo!!!! hahahha...handsome!

Gyongbok Palace. Amazed with South Korea. They can maintain the Palace in good condition while the country continues to build modern buildings surround the Palace.

Day 4: Ginseng, Kimchi School, Hanbok Time & Dongdaemun.
 It was a superday because of my favorite activities coming! haha....First we went to Ginseng center to see Korean Ginseng.

Then we moved to Kimchi school. Kimchi is super nutritious food (known as the food with low calorie & alot of fiber). At the school we already given 1 plate with 1/4 cabbage, red sauce & other seasonings. So funnnnn!! We try to make kimchi on our own.
Next activity was wearing Hanbok.
Merry and I rushed to Hanbok place.
I picked purple & she picked the pink one. Strike a pose hahahaha...

Nextttttt: shoppinggggggggg @ Dongdaemun!
Yay!! we went to DOOTA (Doosan Tower). Cool place! Just like brightspotmarket only in permanent style. The sellers are Korean design's students which already graduted. I love theirs styles. Simple & chic! But the price a bit expensive.

What i like in Korea?
The weather
The autumn
The romantic atmosphere
The fashion styles
The food
and last but not least.....I had a great time in korea (I love Autumn in Korea). Thanks to my best friend. Holiday with my best friend is perfect!!!

my favorite picture

Friday, November 19, 2010

Autumn in Korea-part1

After long long time saving money & day dreaming about Korea, finally I went to that place.
And the bonus part is my best friend Merry coming along with me. Yayyyyyyy..................

Arrived @ Incheon airport.
Whoa...breezy.....I wondered. was it 5 degrees?
Hop on the bus then we went to Nami Island, the famous island, because of the Winter Sonata movie. Lovely place! I agree. with those reddish, orange & yellowish leaves everywhere made me enjoyed this trip more & more.

Mount Sorak. Minus 1 degrees? I'm in love with the view. Stress reliever.
Around 8am we already there. We took cable car to get to the top.
Beautiful view (speechless).

After that we went to the Daepo Wharf. Food street!
They sell seafood along the way.
Merry & I bought crispy seafood 4,000 krw (fried shrimp & squid). Yummy!

The last is teddy bear museum. We took every teddy bears in it. Cute.
I even found a teddy bear with sewing machine & the other bear was drafting a pattern hahaha (sounds like my favorite activity)

Food Food Food!
Korean food is my favorite food!!!!
Grilled fish, Cabbage kimchi, Squid kimchi, Samgyetang, Dak Galbi, Yukkaejang, Meuntang, and many others. Spicy & tasty!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Woolymammoth by Clarice

Clarice (the designer) is my brother's best friend. But since I took fashion seriously, I always have her as my mentor.
She is super talented.
Her style is unique. I can't imagine how to make her designs.
She loves spotlight colors.

In Jakarta Fashion Week 2010 (7 November 2010), she made her Woolymammoth walking down the runway.
Big applause for you Clarice & your Woolymammoth.

The super talented mom & daughter

Jakarta Fashion Week

We got a surprising gift from DEWI magazine.
Spa's vouchers.
hahahha....I think Alisha & I need that. Thank you DEWI magazine.

I love Alisha's style
Edgy with tenun shawl

Jakarta Fashion Week's crowd

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanks to my lovely Muses

" about wearing kimono tomorrow?" said my lovely Muse.
Of course I nodded.
I can't believe that they love Chasing My Dream kimono.
This is like a fashion show haha...
Thanks friends for appreciating & wearing Chasing My Dream collection

we need to bow down a bit beacuse the photographer didn't want to move hahahha

my loyal customers (so pretty)

Jakarta Fashion Week 2010

Jakarta Fashion Week 2010 is the event that I've always been waiting for.
So happy Alisha invited me to come along to that event.

We got front row seats @ Cita Swarna Bumi Sriwijaya Fashion Show
Both of us amazed by all the designs. All of it using tenun as the material.
From the chic dress to outstanding ethnic designs.

Look at those beautiful dresses & suit made from tenun

My favorite is Oka Diputra's designs. Remarkable designs!

The masterpiece!
Love it so much