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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New life, I am a mom

The first 3 months of my pregnancy was tough. Hardly to eat. I even want to vomit when I smell something (dishes smell from neighbour , garlic, or trash). Almost everyday I confused what to eat. I always wanted spicy food like Padang food or Manado food (beautika yum!).

The 4th months everything seems better. I can work as usual, driving, catch up meetings with clients, meet up with friends. So happy I could do those things. I was also did pregnancy workout. I did aerobic and also yoga. Before pregnant, I did workout twice a week so I still want to be healthy as before. Those pregnancy workout helped me to ease pregnancy backpain and also increase my stamina.
I suggests all mom-to-be to workout based on your preference. If you like yoga, just do yoga. If you like dance, then choose workout with dance.

My baby bump getting bigger and bigger from 6 months. But I still catch up things. I still went to fashion shows, meetings, handling work things and household.

Around 37weeks pregnancy, my body felt so heavy and my feet swollen. I kept walking if I have to go to places near my office or house. That was the best way to make normal delivery easier.

Thank God at 38weeks I gave birth. That moment was the best moment in my life. I didn't believe God trusts me to be a mom of a beautiful angel.

Then the story of motherhood begin...