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Monday, November 17, 2014

An exciting short trip

Last weekend I went to central Java to accompany my husband.
We took a train to get there. Only 4hrs and 30 mnts to be in Pekalongan from Jakarta.
As My husband has to work on weekend, I was also try to fulfill my weekend. 
I went to batik shops and batik crafters.
It was an exfiting trip. I met new people.
They're really nice...

The station

Batik crafter

If you really like batik, you can buy those pretty fabrics in this batik city. If you like encim motif you can go to Kedungwuni, if you like other motif, you can go to pesindon or kauman as kampung batik.
Or if you like to buy in very nice batik shops, you can go to jl. Agus Salim.

Sego megono with garang asem-local food

Well if you want to experience this city, you can take becak to go around this city. Really really refreshing.....since you can't do that anymore in Jakarta 😁.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New challenges.....

Today is a new day for me and everyone, I guess. 

A business needs to be run, a family needs to be taken care off, a new body changes that need some  adjustments... Well I can do it.
Just be positive everytime, everywhere...

In the state of this, I'm happy and grateful.
Although at the beginning I was a bit tired but now I'm regaining my strength 😊

I'm so happy that I can feel the energy to be creative and inspired by my surrounding

For all of you...
Just be positive and everything will be ok

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trip with bestfriends

After long time did my activities then I decided to have a fun trip with my bestfriends.
We went to Surabaya then Malang and Batu.
So fun. Full of surprises!
Through this trip, I now my bestfriends for life 😊.

Toko Oen, the one that we looking for....

Coffee and ice cream to wake us up