My favorite class ever!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm in!!!!!!!

Oh My God! It's happening!!!!

Look at the pictures!
My name is in......yayyyyyyyyyy
I can't believe it.

My project is published in

What a wondeful feeling, knowing my project is published. =)
All the hard work is paid off. Thanks to all for the support.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 Project-Colore Della Vita

I've been busy for my 2011 project.
When a competition calls designers to shows their creativity then I felt I'm one of them haha... 

Day and night, I prepared everything.
Concept, fabrics, photoshoot, photographer, models, props and other.
Hoah....a lot of to do.
Busy, exhausted but so happy to do it.

Thanks to:
Takun Arrosid - Super Talented photographer
Christine Chai - Model
Eyklima Amanda - Model
Merry - My best friend
Natalia Indri - My best friend
Ike - My best friend
Riana - My best friend
Melly - My best friend 

For my best guys helped me a lot. It wouldn't be completed without you.
This my dream and I feel that my dream comes true =)