My favorite class ever!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion Design

2011 is the year of study.

 I take Italian class & fashion design.

The 1st thing is developing my mood picture.
And this is mine.....

Write a blog?

Such a long time I haven't write any blog since my excitement to learn Italian language. just pop up that I want to write a blog.
When I was in the middle of crowd this morning, I saw a happy kid who rode his bike with a big smile.
I wonder what made him smile?
I want to have that smile too buddy.....

then this evening I wonder what I want... If do things that I want, I believe I can have that smile =)

What I want to be?
fashion designer?
a poet?
this poem thing comes up just because I take my old box & find my poems. I find out that those poems from love poets & myself.

"Tanpa kita bisa sadari dimanakah cinta akan berlabuh. Hanya bisa mencari entah sampai kapan. Hanya Tuhan yang tau akan kisahnya atau biarlah cinta datang menghampiri. Kuyakin dirimu kan mendapatkan cinta kasih seperti yang kau dambakan pada seorang yang kau impikan. Akan ada kupu-kupu yang hinggap pada indah bungamu" by Nyoman-the love poet

What a beautiful poem!
Everything looks beautiful because the creator made things with his/her heart.
Then I'll do everything I want with my heart