My favorite class ever!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Team Fashion 3

Please meet my team : Fashion 3 (I miss you guys!)


Windar, Mida, Silvi, Wardah

Sale: 3 for 2

Break time!

May I help you?

The merchandisers

Look at our green chairs!

Full team

Another break time


  1. dai....what a nice blog u have....really inspired me a lot...gonna make my own blog as well...someday....=)....jia you (加油)for chasing ur dream...i really believe that u can make it....=)...Just believe in yourself and have your creativity flow from ur's very nice knowing can bring the spirit & thanks for your nice support always...



  2. Riana my best friend ever! Thank you so much for believing in me. You're my inspiration. Our life before, our hardwork before & our fun time bring lots of inpiration & motivation for me to do this. Thank you ree...