My favorite class ever!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chasing My Dream - 1st

2010 is a waking up year for me!

Time for change.

Fashion is my passion. I used to work in fashion retailers. Although that world is way far from glamorous life, that world still touched me.

I still remember breathed in fresh air when I came to the hippest office I've ever seen.

The wall is made from posters with bright colors everywhere...

The chairs...yellow, green, blue, orange....Wow....

The staffs.....some chic, some just ordinary staffs

Now...I'm not in that world anymore.

But those memories waking me up. I want those become my life.

I start to enrolled my self in Lasalle short course.

"Basic pattern drafting" class

Feb 2010 the class begin....

There were Chia Ling, Lia, Anggi, Vita, Icha...


  1. hahahahahahah buka blog juga dia!!!!! kasih tau si chia doong

  2. iya....udah g bilangin si chia. dia bilang ga mau tetep hahahhaha