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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh no....I don't have time to sew to take a picture...or hang out with my friends....
I'm overloaded!

My new project takes almost all my time.....
Hope this will end soon!

In this period, I always think that fashion industry still calling me.
Oh No!! I still in love with it.
I remember how fun my fashion team 2 years ago.
Even we got pressure & assignments, we still had each other to back up.
I remember we were still up for 2 days (means 48 hours non stop) to prepare the bazaar & in the next morning we have to open the bazaar for public.
Whoa....although we were almost dead, but we were happy!
Miss those times...

sylvie, riana, diana, mida

This picture taken when we were having bazaar @ senayan city 8th floor

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  1. Haloo... seneng deh lihat anak2 muda kreatif dari Indonesia, btw salam kenal dari Oz ya...