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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Best Friend Wedding

So happy when I heard that my best friend Into will get married.
26 June 2010.

Hmmmm...I think this is the best time for me & friends to have a reunion, plus a short vacation.
Then we decided to go to Bandung on 26 June 2010.

And this is the story....

26 June 2010.
Arrived at 10 am
First destination : Mie Kocok Karapitan
Whoa....this is good!

2nd destination: Rumah mode
I was shocked by the crowd
People are just crazy. They shop till drop hahahaha...
I just lost my taste to shop. Then while I got a cup of coffee, Melly tried tahu gejrot & bakwan.
Looks good

3rd destination: Sam's Strawberry
mmmm...fresh! Love it!
The wedding!
He was shocked when we were coming haha

27 June 2010

To 'The Secret'
Instead of shopping, I took fresh juice haha
I love the props here

Then we walked through jalan Riau
and end the end we found Nanny's Pavillon

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