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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fabric Hunting to Cipadu

Early morning on Saturday
I already planned fabric hunting cipadu with Lia, Chia &Anggi.
Then I went to Lia apartment first.
Oh My God!
Her work room was shocking me.....Fabric Heaven
If I have that room, I think I will spend almost 24 hours every weekend hahahah...

Wow...this place is amazing (although it was very HOTTTTTT)
We can find lots of fabric stores with a very very good price yayyyy!!
We don't know what we are going to sew but we just buy fabrics.
I bought spotlight fabrics with lots of thoughts in mind.
Glad Chia, Lia & Anggi accompanied me =)


Relaxing with Chia, Lia & Anggi after fabring hunting...

These are from Cipadu

Thank you Lia for the fabric & wooden tool for thread or lace =)


  1. halo, mau tanya, itu foto pertama toko apa namanya? foto dibawah image lia's workshop

  2. Hi Ghalis... sorry lupa juga nama tokonya. yg pasti ada di cipadu hehe