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Friday, November 19, 2010

Autumn in Korea-part1

After long long time saving money & day dreaming about Korea, finally I went to that place.
And the bonus part is my best friend Merry coming along with me. Yayyyyyyy..................

Arrived @ Incheon airport.
Whoa...breezy.....I wondered. was it 5 degrees?
Hop on the bus then we went to Nami Island, the famous island, because of the Winter Sonata movie. Lovely place! I agree. with those reddish, orange & yellowish leaves everywhere made me enjoyed this trip more & more.

Mount Sorak. Minus 1 degrees? I'm in love with the view. Stress reliever.
Around 8am we already there. We took cable car to get to the top.
Beautiful view (speechless).

After that we went to the Daepo Wharf. Food street!
They sell seafood along the way.
Merry & I bought crispy seafood 4,000 krw (fried shrimp & squid). Yummy!

The last is teddy bear museum. We took every teddy bears in it. Cute.
I even found a teddy bear with sewing machine & the other bear was drafting a pattern hahaha (sounds like my favorite activity)

Food Food Food!
Korean food is my favorite food!!!!
Grilled fish, Cabbage kimchi, Squid kimchi, Samgyetang, Dak Galbi, Yukkaejang, Meuntang, and many others. Spicy & tasty!!

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  1. Hello! ^__^ I am planning to go to Korea next Autumn around October. I just wanna ask from someone who surely knows about the things I need to prepare for the tourist VISA application. I am pretty sure the personal bank certificate is required, but do you have any advice for the minimum show money that should be there? hehe.. And in filling out the application form, if I don't have a sponsor, should I just put my name in the field that asks for the name of the person who would shoulder the expenses of the trip? I am sorry, I have loads of questions to ask pa sana but I don't want to bother you with a very long comment. I hope you will take time to make a reply.