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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Trip To Surabaya

Yayyyyy I always love to travel.
Even it's a business trip.
This week I travel to Surabaya for 4 days.

In between working time, I got a chance to have lunch in cute places.
My friend Lusi took me to those places. Thanks Lus. I really love those places.

Lunch time@ Boncafe

Lusi insisted to take me to House of Sampoerna because she loves history or museum things.
I also love that.
When we arrived. We saw Sampoerna workers who made the cigarette.
I just couldn't stop staring at the workers. They work so fast. Seems that they are a robot. And we can fast forward them hahahha....

House of Sampoerna

Loop. Love it. Just like "Kemang Food Fest"

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