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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brightspot Market!

Brightspot Market here we comeeeeee....
I love this market so much
All the cool things are there
Actually Ike & I already set the date to come to brightspot on Saturday but...
suddenly I have this "shopping thoughts" coming and I called her...
And she said that..."Aku sudah ada di TKP"
hahahahhahah....what a coincidence!
She bought a lot of cool stuff. Cotton Ink, Since Always, Tulisan, Majic + Far, and dying for a unique "Allthingsivedone" dress hihi.....

And I get this cool KLE necklace and Hunting Field dress from Happy Go Lucky

After struggled with the crowds, we had late lunch @ Ninety Nine
Look how beautiful my sister Ike
She wore a "Monday to Sunday" dress (super cool!)

And my brother bought Pot Meets Pop Jeans

Ok it's enough! hahahha
I had a great time this weekend


  1. Di.. KLE itu Kleting bukan? Yg ada di level1 GI? Wow.. Itu loe dpt dgn harga diskon? Gw suka dengan Kleting. Desainnya oke.. Brightspot itu apa ya? Semacam flea market atw apa? *Gw agak2 gk gaul nih.. Hehe..
    Good luck with your online store!! Smg dari Kimono bs nambah jadi yang lain.


  2. yes KLE = Kleting. ga diskon jeng. sama kayak yg ada di GI level one. Brightspot market tu market-nya cool things. Lo buka deh